My Profile

I work as a development specialist with expertise in private sector development, innovation and entrepreneurship, business environment reform, and regional and local economic development.

I have experience in working at local, national and international levels in policy design and evaluation, programme development and management, as well as in strategic planning and organisational development.

I have worked as a self-employed consultant since 1990 in over 25 countries across Africa, Australia, Asia, as well as parts of Europe and the Pacific. My clients include international development agencies, donor agencies, national governments, local government authorities, business membership organisations, consulting and research firms, and non-governmental organisations.

I have also undertaken a range of research, curriculum development and teaching assignments, including a number of international research projects in private sector development and the role of policies, laws and regulations on private sector growth and the generation of employment. I have designed and managed national research projects in Australia, Namibia, Palestine and South Africa, as well as numerous studies of a smaller scale.

I am a Visiting Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Public Development Management, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. In this capacity I work with the University’s LINK (Learning, Information, Networking and Knowledge) Centre, a leading South African teaching and consultancy institution in the ICT sector. In this role I assist the centre in its research and consultancy projects and provided academic advice and supervision to students undertaking a 50 percent research-based Masters of Management in ICT Policy and Regulation at the Graduate School of Public Development Management.

Over the last two years I have convened and lectured in a post-graduate programme in Innovation and Public Policy as a part of the Masters of Management in Innovation Studies at the Wits Business School. He has also been an external examiner and research supervisor within this programme.


Doctorate of Philosophy: Awarded by the University of Western Australia (Political Science and International Relations) in 2005. Thesis title: Globalisation, the nation-state and the politics of development in peripheral regions. Key themes: institutions for economic development, role of the nation state, political economy of development, local economic development

Master of Arts (Science and Technology Policy): Awarded by Murdoch University, Institute of Science and Technology Policy (Western Australia) in 1992; major focus on local economic development and development of the informal sector. Key themes: local enterprise development models, informal economy, industrialisation in Third World countries; sustainable development

Bachelor of Arts (Social Work): Awarded by the Curtin University of Technology (formerly Western Australian Institute of Technology) in 1984.


1984-1985: Research Assistant, Curtin University of Technology (formerly Western Australian Institute of Technology), School of Social Sciences

1985-1986: Church Action with the Unemployed (Inc.): sole employee of a community based organisation supporting the responses of faith-based community organisations to growing levels of unemployment experienced throughout Western Australia.

1986-1990: Government of Western Australia: actively engaged in development work with all levels of government, private sector organisations and a variety of community groups, including aboriginal communities. Supported the establishment and management of enterprise development agencies, regional development initiatives, cooperatives, community-owned enterprises and a range of other local development initiatives through the state of Western Australia.

1988: Staff exchange with Strathclyde Community Business in Glasgow, Scotland – involved in the study of community enterprise development in low-income communities.

1990-2002: IDEAS (Initiatives for the Development of Enterprising Action and Strategies): Co-founder and director of the IDEAS consulting firm based in Australia and undertaking assignments throughout Australia as well as in Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

1993-current: Southern African IDEAS (Pty.) Ltd.: co-founder and Managing Director of a consulting firm, initially based in Windhoek, Namibia and now based in Johannesburg, South Africa, providing consultancy services across southern Africa on economic, enterprise and employment development.

A rather lengthly listing of my consulting assignments can be found here.