Publicus is a boutique consulting firm specialising in economic growth, business development and job creation.

We provide original evidence, generate data and demonstrate models that work to create jobs and sustain local and regional economies. Publicus does this through its work and partnerships with national, regional and city governments, business organisations and development agencies.

A Publicus hallmark is our creativity. We pursue innovative, non-traditional approaches and are always on the lookout for ideas that have worked well elsewhere. Whether it is reviewing the programs of international agencies, advising governments on national policies, or designing new local development programs, we emphasising the value of learning from the experiences of others. Publicus has an extensive range of international networks and a long history of working across the world.

Publicus employs a multi-disciplinary approach, drawing from an unusually broad range of sectors––from economics and political science to business management, technology development and sociology––to provide our clients and partners with the appropriate advice for their setting.

Principles of practice

Publicus embodies the following principles in all its work:

  • Facilitation: making connections between public, private and civil society actors to come up with creative responses to shared challenges.
  • Evidence-based: helping clients make the right policy and program decisions with objective data.
  • Knowledge management: drawing from international best practice and lessons learned.
  • Strategic: customising solutions based on a careful analysis of capabilities, resources, needs, and opportunities.
  • Impact-oriented: designing for scale and measuring for impact
  • Sustainability: designing solutions for the future through integrated long-term approaches.

In all its work, Publicus is focussed on doing work that matters in the real world, and making sure projects include practical steps for action.


Publicus customises its technical assistance according to the needs, resources and aspirations of our clients:

Policy advice and development: Publicus provides policy makers with technical information and policy advice on economic, enterprise and employment development. Whether through professional advice and guidance, technical reports and strategy documents, reader-friendly guides and handbooks, or training programs for officials and partners, Publicus provides clear, concise and relevant advice.

Program design and assessment: In addition to the design of new programs, Publicus assesses existing economic, enterprise and employment programs to determine their effectiveness, value for money and impact. Practical proposals for improving program interventions are presented, complemented by well-designed program management and evaluation frameworks.

Research and evaluation: Research and evaluation is an important and regular activity for effective economic, enterprise or employment development. Publicus helps clients design and conduct research and evaluation projects that are well focussed, suited to the client’s technical capacities and oriented toward better development outcomes. Whether this involves researching economic conditions, assessing business environments and market systems, identifying development opportunities, reviewing programs, evaluating organisational capacities, or interrogating development proposals, Publicus offers a rigorous, comprehensive and results-oriented service.

Project implementation and management: Publicus guides and supports clients through the steps required for successful project implementation and management. We help implementing agencies acquire the skills, resources and experiences they need to successfully conduct, monitor and assess their development efforts. Publicus can trouble-shoot program implementation and management procedures so that implementing agencies are able to respond quickly to the problems they face.

Organisational development: Publicus assists governments, business organisations, community groups, and development agencies to develop effective strategies, programs and management structures and processes. This includes strategic planning activities, assistance with funding submissions, organisational or program assessments, and the development of specific skills and capabilities.

Training and curriculum design: Successful economic, enterprise and employment development requires specific capabilities. Publicus has considerable experience in training and curriculum design that enhances the capabilities of policy-makers, program managers, development advisers, and development practitioners. Whether training large groups of people in the key competencies associated with economic, enterprise and employment development, or facilitating small learning groups and communities of practice, Publicus remains practical, results-oriented, and up-to-date with international best practice.

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